What Do Dancers Really Learn From Performing?

Our mission at District Dance is to empower and support the next generation of courageous leaders! We do this by offering weekly dance classes, creating opportunities to connect with our larger community, AND by providing multiple opportunities to perform through the year. One of those performing opportunities is the Spring Ballet at District Dance! 

Our Spring Ballet auditions are quickly approaching. As a reminder, our Spring Ballet experience is open to the community. All current District Dance students already enrolled in a ballet class for ages 7 and up are automatically included in the performance. However, ALL students are encouraged to audition for an additional role! 

Spring Ballet: Down the Rabbit Hole
Auditions: February 19, 2022
Ages: 4+
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We witness SO much growth between the first rehearsal and the final performance. Our dancers grow more confident and learn to work as a team. Our team is passionate about teaching life-long lessons that set our students up for success both in and out of the dance studio. 

Curious what else students take away from the experience? Below we’ve highlighted what our dancers really learn from performing. Spoiler alert… it’s about SO much more than applause and sequins! 

What Our Dancers Learn From Performing: 

How to Focus

In weekly technique classes, every week follows a predictable pattern. Your child meets the same teacher, dances alongside the same classmates, and enjoys a predictable class format. 

Spring Ballet rehearsal will look different week to week. In order to have a successful performance, students will need to learn how to FOCUS in a more unpredictable environment. 

By the end of our rehearsals, even our youngest students will pick up new strategies for remembering choreography, quickly implementing feedback, and keeping track of where they need to be! 

The Value of Commitment

After several years of dealing with many unknowns, we have finally arrived at a place where we feel VERY confident that our Spring Ballet performance and the rehearsals will happen as planned. 

This allows our students to get valuable practice making and sticking to a commitment. After auditioning, students will need to attend weekly rehearsals in preparation for the performance. They will learn to commit even when they’re tired, they aren’t in the mood, or when the sun is out. 

All parents know that learning how to honor your commitments (even when you don’t want to!) is such a valuable skill for kids to learn. 

Being a part of a cast isn’t just about the individual, it’s about everyone working together towards a common goal! The smiles and applause at the performance are all our dancers need to know that the hard work was 100% worth it. 

How to be a Leader

Performances give our dancers opportunities to grow as leaders. As we rehearse our Spring Ballet, we will be depending on older dancers to lead the way and act as role models for our younger groups. 

Dancers will have chances to lead warm-ups and review choreography with their peers.

Our team will be encouraging dancers to take the lead when it’s appropriate and routinely asking for volunteers. 

It is SO rewarding to watch our dancer’s confidence grow throughout the rehearsal process. They learn to trust their abilities and how amazing it feels to lean into their gifts as a leader! 

Performing is such an important element of our curriculum here at District Dance. If you are looking for ways to help your child learn beyond their weekly technique class, we highly recommend you attend our upcoming audition on February 19th, 2022 for our Spring Ballet at District Dance. Between now and the performance in June, you will see your child’s dance technique improve, watch them develop deeper friendships at the studio, AND watch their confidence soar! 

All students that audition will be cast in a role, so we recommend that you review the requirements carefully before you RSVP. We’re looking forward to another amazing performance and we’d love to have your child join us on stage. 

Good luck to all auditioning!