Turn In The Soccer Cleats! 5 Reasons To Dance Instead!

We get it! Your child has so many activities to choose from. And in our area, soccer is one of the most popular activities for kids. Once a child reaches a certain skill level, it becomes much harder to participate in both soccer and dance. With this in mind, parents often feel torn when trying to make the decision of which activity is the best choice for their child.

Not that we’re biased, but at District Dance Company, we strongly believe that the benefits of dance far outweigh those of soccer. Here are just 5 of the reasons we know a child who dances is empowered to succeed in every area of their life!

Dancing Is a Full-Body Activity

It’s true that both soccer and dance are fun and exciting ways for kids to be physically active. But dance is far more than aerobic exercise. When a child learns to dance in any style, they are benefiting from a full range of complete, full body exercise, improving overall:

  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Balance
  • Stamina
  • Range of motion
  • Coordination
  • Body awareness

With all of these physical benefits to dancing, it’s easy to see why dance lessons are recommended for professional athletes in any sport!

Dancing Promotes Creativity and Mental Development

In a dance class at any level, a child will build and strengthen the neuromuscular connections between their brain and their body, improving body awareness and coordination. But did you know that dance also helps improve behavior and emotional wellbeing? Dancers learn to improve their focus and to express themselves and to release pent-up energy through dance. Also, the art of dance is calming and improves overall mood for dancers at any age!

Additionally, dance provides a child the opportunity to get exposure to the world of the arts.  As our dancers progress in their skill level, we encourage them to get involved in their own choreography and music selection. Plus, it’s well documented that students who study the arts have higher SAT scores than those who do not. Studying the art of dance sets your child up for success in all areas of their life!

Dancing Develops Teamwork and Lifelong Friendships

Learning to work together as a team is an important part of youth sports in general, and this holds as true for dance classes as it does for soccer teams! Choreography is built on the idea that we move our bodies cooperatively with the music and with one another. At our studio, we have built a culture of respect and encouragement, and watching our dancers come together to support one another throughout their entire childhood is one of the best parts of our jobs! The friendships and bonds that form between dancers are beautiful!

One more relational benefit to dance over soccer? Soccer teams get mixed up every year! Your child’s best friend on their team this year will likely be on another team next year, and so on and so forth. Sticking with dance means you’re becoming part of a dance studio family and those friendships continue to build and grow year after year.

Dancing Provides Opportunities to Perform

One of the most exciting parts of dancing for kids is showcasing the skills they’ve worked so hard on throughout the year for their friends and family. Dance provides the opportunity for a child to build confidence and improve self-esteem and, unlike on the soccer field, this positive attitude gets an opportunity for every child to be a star. This is never as evident as when a quiet, reserved child steps out onto the stage and shines!

Plus, with shining, glittery costumes, cutely choreographed dances, and fun upbeat music, recitals, and performances sure are a lot of fun for those watching, too!

Dance Class is Always Changing and Evolving!

Our classes and lesson plans are constantly evolving. With our younger dancers, we keep them excited for class each week by changing the music, lesson plan theme, stickers, and more on a monthly basis. Week after week, your child will be so excited to come to dance classes, and along the way will be developing the physical, emotional, social, and mental skills they will need to succeed in all areas of their lives as healthy, happy individuals.

One bonus reason for parents of kids who learn to dance rather than play soccer? Would you rather spend all that practice and game time outside in the hot sun, cold wind and rain on a folding chair on a field, or does spending rehearsal time in our beautiful studio and performance days in epic convention centers and stages across the country appeal to you more?

Ready To Make The Choice? Sign Up For Dance at District Dance Company!

Trade in those soccer cleats for dance shoes at District Dance Company. We offer recreational dance classes for dancers of all ages and skill levels that are physically active, promote creativity, and result in lifelong friendships. Plus, our dancers get the opportunity to perform multiple times a year, locally, statewide and nationally! Sign up for a Free Trial Class on our website!