3 Ways to Prepare Your Child for In-Person Activities

Prepare Your Child for In-Person Activities

As we quickly approach the one year mark of when we had to close our studio doors last March, we’re reflecting on both the challenges we’ve overcome, and the voids we still have yet to fill. We’ve been thrilled to continue offering dance classes for children in Germantown, but things still aren’t QUITE the same.  … Read more

Get to know Megan – Staff Spotlight

Ballet classes for kids

Meet Megan Lynn, the Ballet Program Director at District Dance Company. Megan earned her Bachelor’s degree in Dance Choreography, Dance Science (magna cum laude) and Biology from Goucher College. She has been teaching a variety of dance disciplines throughout New York, New Jersey and Maryland for more than 9 years. Since 2012, Megan has directed … Read more

Will blindness affect Alicia Alonso’s ability to dance again?

Dance Icon Alicia Alonso

With our mission of creating leaders of the next generation, we’re so excited to feature Alicia Alonso, a truly unstoppable female icon. Alicia was an amazing ballerina with a great career ahead of her when she came down with a terrible illness. Due to her illness worsening day by day, her sight began to deteriorate. … Read more

Break through the Boredom of Winter

Beat boredom with kids this winter in Gaithersburg

Is your child bored and begging to get out of the house during the cold winter months? Keep them active and entertained this winter by participating in Adventures in Oz! District Dance Company holds a Spring Ballet every year to continue their mission of empowering young girls to become leaders through yet another amazing performance … Read more

Get To Know Melissa – Staff Spotlight

Dance Classes

Meet Melissa Curling, the director and founder of District Dance Company. Melissa earned her Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in Dance Performance with a concentration in Jazz from East Carolina University. She has been teaching a variety of dance disciplines throughout the DC metro area for more than 10 years and opened District Dance Company … Read more

What Should Be In A Dance Bag? – A Parent’s Guide

preparing for your child's first dance class

What Should Be In A Dance Bag? – A Parent’s Guide Packing your child’s bag for dance class? While it seems like a simple task, often a dance bag becomes areceptacle for too many extra, unnecessary items and the simplest and most important things get left out. While you don’t want your child carrying 50lbs of gear to … Read more