Spring Ballet Auditions at District Dance

spring ballet auditions at District Dance

District Dance is thrilled to present Frozen Fantasy on April 2, 2023 at the Cultural Arts Center in Silver Springs, MD. Our Spring Ballet performance is a unique opportunity to dance alongside professional ballerinas in a classical ballet performance. This performance is open to both current District Dance students and community members ages 4+. Dancers … Read more

Leader Feature: Ruari Brennan

Ruari posing as the Leader Feature

Today we are SO excited to announce our Leader Feature for the month of June! For those of you who are just tuning in, our newest addition to the District Dance Blog is a series of posts featuring young dancers who exemplify our 5 core values. Our goal at District Dance is to empower young … Read more

How To Know If Your Child Is Ready For Dance Class

first dance class

A child’s first dance class is such a special milestone! We still get ALL the feels when we look back at pictures and videos of our first dancing moments. After all, for most of the staff members at District Dance, our first dance classes were the start of a life-long journey with dance.  At District … Read more

A Day in the Life of a Professional Ballerina – Miss Rachael

A ballerina’s daily life is anything but typical. They spend all day training and prepping for that exciting moment when the curtain opens, the music begins, and the audience welcomes the show with their applause! We thought we’d take you along for the ride as we follow Miss Rachael (one of our very loved ballet … Read more

Turn In The Soccer Cleats! 5 Reasons To Dance Instead!

The Best Children's Activity

We get it! Your child has so many activities to choose from. And in our area, soccer is one of the most popular activities for kids. Once a child reaches a certain skill level, it becomes much harder to participate in both soccer and dance. With this in mind, parents often feel torn when trying … Read more