Stay Strong All Summer Long!

Where are all the summer-lovers at?! What’s your favorite summer staple? Barbeques? Pool days? Bonfires? It all sounds JUST perfect right about now… who agrees?! We are ready to kick this summer off! 

With the sun coming out and kids off of school, summertime makes children more energized and motivated than ever! We call that the #SummerStrong feeling! That’s why summer is the perfect time to work on your dance technique, feel joy from your favorite hobbies, and condition your body to be the best it can be. 

In our Summer Dance Classes, we dedicate 6 weeks to making sure our dancers don’t lose their beautiful technique that they work so hard on during the school year. We keep the momentum going after our Spring Recital! If you slow down over the summer, we’ll certainly miss you… and so will your splits! 🙂

Here are some things that our students get stuck doing after taking the summer off:

  • Spending the first month or two of Fall classes playing catch up.
  • Losing strength and flexibility.
  • Forgetting dance skills and technique foundations.
  • Backtracking on progress they made in the Spring.

….NO FUN right?!

Instead, students who join us for Summer Dance Classes get to…

  • Focus on technique. Without the need to prepare recital routines and perfect choreography, the summer gives us a chance to really place emphasis on technique. It’s a great time to build your dance foundation. 
  • Progress on skills from the school year. Maybe you just nailed your single pirouette this Spring. You could make it a double if you join us this summer! 
  • Learn brand new skills. Get ready to move up a class level this Fall by learning new, more difficult skills! 
  • Condition their bodies. There’s no better time to get moving, and work on strength and flexibility!

Now that’s what we call #SummerStrong! So, are you in?! 

We are now accepting enrollment in our 2021 Dance Classes! Click HERE to access the class schedule! Space is limited, so save your child’s spot today! We can’t wait to stay strong ALL summer long!