Spring Ballet Feature: Meet Our Alice!

Our Spring Ballet, Down the Rabbit Hole, will take the stage on June 12, 2022 at the Baker Park Bandshell in Frederick, MD. We can’t wait to see our talented dancers on stage and share our love for ballet with the community. 

As a reminder, our spring ballet offers our students and community members the opportunity to perform on stage alongside professional ballerinas. Our cast works throughout the winter and spring in preparation for the big day! 

We are holding ballet auditions in Gaithersburg for our Spring Ballet on Feb. 19, 2022 at District Dance. If you have a dancer that dreams of extra time on stage, tutus, and ALL things ballet… we’d love to see them there! 

Learn more about our upcoming audition HERE!

As we prepare for the audition and the excitement about the performance builds, we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to introduce you to our Alice! 

Down the Rabbit Hole is a fun twist on the traditional Alice in Wonderland storyline. Our very own Vanessa C. is cast as Alice. Vanessa has been dancing at District Dance for 11 years! She works SO hard in her classes and brings joy to everything she does. 

She’s going to be a wonderful role model for our younger cast members! 

We recently asked Vanessa some questions so that our families and dancers could get to know her a little better. Learn more about Vanessa below and don’t miss her tips for dancers attending the upcoming audition! 

Learn more about Vanessa:

Vanessa C.

What does a normal day look like for you? I’m a freshman in high school and I get home early. I usually relax, have a snack, do homework, then head to dance! 

Speaking of snacks, how do you fuel up for rehearsal? I usually eat a granola bar before rehearsals.

Is there anything special you are doing to prepare for your role in the Spring Ballet? I have the choreography written in a notebook and practice as needed.

How did you feel when you were cast as Alice? I was really excited.

Any advice for dancers attending the upcoming audition? Be confident in yourself and be open to trying new roles.

Do you get nervous before performing? I’m more excited than nervous!

Any pre-show rituals or traditions? I warm my body up and stretch.

What’s the BEST part of performing? Showcasing our hard work and pretty costumes.

What’s your favorite dance style? Ballet and pointe! 

Thank you Vanessa for sharing and good luck as you take on this exciting role! We love her advice for dancers attending our upcoming ballet auditions in Gaithersburg. Confidence and being open to new opportunities are essential skills for all dancers to develop! 

Is it June yet? We can’t wait to see Vanessa and the full cast SHINE on stage! If your dancer wants to take advantage of this opportunity, please remember to RSVP for our Feb. 19 audition. 

Let the fun begin!