“Oh, the places you’ll go” at District Dance

A child’s journey through any sport, artistic endeavor, class, etc. can be a struggle. They’ll have their highs (eg. performing in front of an awesome crowd) and they’ll have their lows (eg. not moving to the next level). But as parents, educators, and constant supporters, it’s our job to help them through the highest highs and the lowest lows.

What does this have to do with dance, you ask? Ah, so much.

Our dancers are so impressive. They work hard, show up each week, and to top it off are kind and caring souls. But the journey is not marked by only happy moments. Journeys include struggle. And struggle is where real growth happens.

“I don’t bring my child to dance to struggle” you might be thinking. But that’s where you’re wrong. They struggle every week. It might be a new dance step, challenging choreography, or that a friend stopped taking their class. And they kept going…kept coming to class. Because your kid is pretty awesome, and you helped them through this.

So, where does Dr. Seuss come in? He helps us remember that the journey is the most important part. It’s not just the recitals and the raving fans. It’s the mountains they climbed, the set-backs they endured, and bumps in the road that made it all worth it.

If we’re going to raise kids with grit who take on the world and aren’t afraid of the challenge, we have to support them through the good and the… less than ideal… times. Help them see that it’s not all about the destination. It’s about the journey.

Now, you’re with me!

All that said, I’d like to encourage you to help your child not give up so easily. Push them to the finish line. Push them to get over the next hurdle. Encourage them to take the hard road. Trust me, despite the complaining now, they will thank you later.

Plus, when they come out on the other side stronger than before and so full of pride, we can all celebrate together.

Keep doing the hard work and raising those amazing kids! You’re doing an awesome job and we are so blessed to be a part of your child’s journey.

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