NEW Leader Feature Series: Nominate your Student Today!

Hey District Dance families! Today on the blog we have a special announcement to make! We are SO excited to introduce our new Leader Feature series. There are some very special kids here at District Dance. Our team gets to witness all of their greatness every day at the studio, but we often have moments of pride that we can’t help but want to share! 

What better way to encourage and inspire our future leaders than by featuring them on our website? Our goal at District Dance is to empower young girls, so it’s important to us that their greatness doesn’t go unnoticed. Our deserving students will get their very own dedication on our blog, celebrating their amazing accomplishments, leadership skills, and how they embody our studio values. 

By filling out a simple questionnaire, parents can nominate their own children or another dancer to be featured. Whether it be working hard on a challenging routine at home, being persistent on a difficult skill, or completing simple acts of kindness, we are eager to hear about how much our young leaders do! Send those nominations our way! 

At District Dance, our core values are confidence, commitment, celebration, connection, and character. We are looking for dancers that represent these values both in and out of the dance studio. 

It is our hope that these leader features will not only put the spotlight on students who are setting good examples but also inspire other young leaders. Positivity is contagious. When dancers see their teammates striving for greatness, the bar starts raising for the WHOLE team! 

Stay tuned to hear about some of the stellar students and rising future leaders we have at District Dance! We can’t wait to spread the love!

Click HERE to Nominate your dancer online today!