Leader Feature Series: Lily

Today we are SO excited to announce our FIRST ever Leader Feature! For those of you who are just tuning in, our newest addition to the District Dance Blog is a series of posts featuring young dancers who exemplify our 5 core values. Our goal at District Dance is to empower young girls, so it’s important to us that their greatness doesn’t go unnoticed. 

We are proud to see Lily Salinas pave the way as our very first Leader Feature.

Lily is currently a student in our Tuesday Evening Ballet/Jazz/Tap Combo class. Nominated by her mom, we got the inside scoop on just how awesome she is! 

Between our 5 Core Values that we hold dearly here at District Dance, Confidence and Commitment are the values that Lily has gone above and beyond to embody. In class, Lily always tries her best and listens attentively to her teacher. Her commitment pays off as she remembers what she learns from week to week. 

One of our favorite core values is Confidence. We absolutely LOVE watching our students use dance to help them break out of their shells… it’s by far the best part of our job! Lily’s confidence has skyrocketed since dance has become a part of her life. Confidence is contagious, so we can’t wait to see how Lily helps other dancers find their voice and become powerful young leaders. 

In addition to learning more about Lily’s inspiring strides as a dancer, we asked some fun questions to find out a little more about her. Her favorite after dance snack is a Nutella sandwich and her favorite thing about dancing at District Dance is the teachers who make class fun and engaging. Our hearts are bursting over here! We hope Lily keeps dance in her life ALWAYS!

Do you know a dancer who is a leader and demonstrates our 5 core values? Nominate them for a special feature of their own by filling out this simple questionnaire! We can’t wait to read about our fabulous young leaders!