Leader Feature: Caitlin Webster


Today we are SO excited to announce our Leader Feature for the month of March! For those of you who are just tuning in, our newest addition to the District Dance Blog is a series of posts featuring young dancers who exemplify our 5 core values. Our goal at District Dance is to empower young girls, so it’s important to us that their greatness doesn’t go unnoticed. 


District Dance is thrilled to see that Caitlin is using her kind character and bubbly energy to brighten up the world and make others smile!


Caitlin was chosen to be this month’s leader feature because she brings positive energy and hard work into the studio! She is enrolled in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Competition Team and is a member of our Leading Ladies program! In and out of the studio she demonstrates what District Dance is all about through our 5 values and beliefs. 

She is a hard-working and dedicated member of our competition team and a leading lady. Caitlin’s dedication to her team and classmates shows how much they mean to her and her commitment to District Dance. 

Caitlin has a passion for making the world a better place for her friends and her family, (especially her little sister Rosiland) by helping around the studio and always knowing how to make her teachers and peers smile! She has grown so much in her time here dancing with us! She has learned many hard lessons that have made her a better dancer and person, one of them is to not get discouraged or jealous when in class with others and to embrace her individuality! 

District Dance loves to see our students pushing themselves to be the best they can be! Caitlin is always true to herself and her heart which is a strong quality to have! We are so proud of Caitlin and the young lady she is becoming! Keep making the world a better place! 


Some Fun Facts about Caitlin: 

  • She knows something about EVERY StarWars character 💫
  • Caitlin is an aspiring artist 🎨
  • She always packs a first aid kit! 🩹🩺