Leader Feature: Aiyanna Castillo

District Dance is SO excited to announce our Leader Feature for the month of February!

For those of you who are just tuning in, our newest addition to the District Dance Blog is a series of posts featuring young dancers who exemplify our 5 core values. Our goal at District Dance is to empower young girls, so it’s important to us that their greatness doesn’t go unnoticed. 

We are so excited to see Aiyanna using her kind heart and smile to always brighten the lives of the members of our community, that is why she is our February Leader Feature!

Aiyanna was chosen to be this month’s leader feature because she knows how to brighten her friend’s days! In and out of the studio she demonstrates what District Dance is all about through our 5 values and beliefs. 

As a leading lady, she is always finding ways to help around the studio and at home! As a competition team member, she will always try and aim for success when working. Not only is Aiyanna passionate about dance but also about making others happy when she is around. One of her best qualities is finding ways to light up a room, with jokes or her kind heart she always leaves her friends with a smile on their face. We see that Aiyanna loves to be at the studio and she feels as if all of her dance friends are her family. 

District Dance loves to see our students using their love of dance out in the world which is exactly what Aiyanna is doing. We are so proud of the dancer she has become and will continue to be. 

Thanks, Aiyanna for being an outstanding member of our studio and we can’t wait to see what your future holds!

Some Fun Facts about Aiyanna: 

  • She is a great singer 🎤
  • Learning new languages is a fun pastime 🌏
  • She is the best at making others laugh 😂