How We Are Preparing To Safely Welcome Families Back This Fall!

Similar to everyone lately, we are trekking through uncharted territory over here at District Dance! This summer, we were SO thrilled to have opened up our doors for a 6-week summer class session. It’s been absolutely AMAZING to see our kids’ smiling faces at the studio, but our studio experience has been looking a LITTLE different lately!

The safety of our students, dance families, and staff is our number one priority. That’s why we’ve made some changes to our facilities and studio policies, ensuring that we offer safe dance classes in Germantown.  

As we look ahead to Fall dance classes, we know that there is a lot of uneasiness surrounding what’s ahead. Above all uncertainty, we know that these choices are difficult for everyone and our dance parents want to make the best decision for their families. We hope this list puts your mind at ease about our return to in-person dance classes, but we respect any and all decisions that our dance parents choose to make!

How We Are Preparing to Safely Welcome Families Back This Fall:

1. Clear traffic flow inside AND outside our facility

Our safety measures start before you even enter our building! Upon arrival at District Dance, dancers will line up outside the building. On the sidewalk, we have kid-friendly spots to stand on, with arrows showing you which direction to move through the building! Our tiny dancers may not understand what 6 feet looks like, but our signage makes social distancing a piece of cake!

2. Temperature checks upon arrival

We’ve created a brand new check-in process that each dancer will take part in upon arrival. Using our touchless thermometer, we will check temperatures and anyone with a temperature of 100+ will not be allowed in our facility. Dancers will use hand sanitizer at check-in and then proceed straight to class. Changing clothes inside will not be permitted. Parents and siblings will not be permitted inside the building. 

3. Now requiring masks

Masks will be worn by all dancers and staff. They will be required at check-in and dancers will keep them on during the entire time they are inside our facility. 

4. Dance floor stickers surrounded by taped-off boxes

When our students enter the dancing space, they will be given a sticker to dance on. In addition, a 6’x6’ or 6×8’ box of tape surrounding their spot gives them a perimeter to dance within. Spaced-out spots for dance bags will be marked as well. 

5. New adjustments to our dance curriculum 

As we put our back-to-studio plan in place, we knew that no amount of floor stickers, cleaning supplies, or safety equipment would allow us to safely execute some of our normal class activities. We aren’t cutting corners or taking risks. 

Unless dancers can stand 6 feet apart at the barre, we are moving our ballet barre work to the center so our dancers don’t have to touch a common surface. Our classes are now zero-touch and socially distant, so our teachers will rely on verbal cues to help dancers succeed. Dancers will not move across the floor. No communal props or gymnastics mats will be provided. Our teachers are utilizing new teaching techniques to help students adjust to our new normal at dance! 

6. Enhanced cleaning protocols

Our staff will continue working very hard to thoroughly clean the studio often. Between each class, the dance floor, doorknobs, and equipment will be disinfected. Our bathrooms will be cleaned often by our team and hand sanitizer will be readily available in various locations. As always, our studios will be professionally cleaned weekly. 

Ready for a safe and fun year of dance?! View the schedule here and stay tuned for an enrollment link coming soon! To learn more about our safety protocols, visit our web page here.

We know this year of dance may look a little different than years past. However, our dance families can expect the same AMAZING classes from our professional instructors. We lead with a strong focus on connection, commitment, and celebration. We’re also planning to offer multiple performance opportunities to ensure our dancers can take the stage in 2021. 

We’re SO excited for another great year of safe dance classes in Germantown!