How to Support Your Dancer at Recital: 5 Tips from the Pros

District Dance families! The recital countdown has officially begun as we head into recital week and prep for our annual dance recital! We could not be more excited to see our amazing students hit the stage, and we know the excitement is probably brewing in your homes as well.

Our annual dance recital is one of our favorite traditions. The recital is a special time for kids! Ask any of our District Dance staff, most of our most treasured childhood memories are from dance recitals. Getting on stage is fun and fabulous, but the amazing feeling afterward means the world to our students. They love feeling they did something incredible and that their loved ones are proud.

If it’s your first year as a dance parent or you didn’t grow up around dance, it can be hard to know how to best support your child. We understand! Our staff members at District Dance have been doing this for a while, so we made you a cheat sheet.

Read on for 5 tips on how to support your dancer at recital:

Encourage your dancer to practice performing at home.

Many of our District Dance staff members remember doing this when they were kids… it’s so fun! Yes, kids love to make a game of putting on a pretend recital, but it also teaches them important lessons for the big day.

When you watch your child perform in your living room, you show them that you are invested in their work. Cheering them on from the comfort of your own home reminds them that no matter what happens on stage, you will be there with the loudest applause. When students practice performing before hitting the stage, it’s likely to reduce their pre-show nerves.

Help them pack their bag ahead of time.

I think as parents we can all agree that 5 minutes before walking out the door is probably NOT the best time to pack our bags for a big day. When parents are frazzled and important items are nowhere to be found, your kids will feel the stress. Dance recitals involve a LOT of small items and you want to make sure your kid is well prepared.

We recommend that you take some time the night before and go through each class while packing your bag. Make a list and check it twice. Doing this with your child and walking them through their costume changes will make their day go smooth, smooth, smooth.

Practice hair and makeup beforehand.

While you are packing your bag, it is a good idea to practice hair and makeup BEFORE recital day. We have a helpful blog post that gives you a ton of tips! Making a ballet bun does require a little practice. Also, wearing makeup might feel strange to a younger dancer. A practice run will before the big day will put both you and your dancer at ease!

Post-show flowers are a theater tradition!

There is nothing a dancer loves more than admiring their beautiful flowers after a big performance! Receiving a little bouquet helps them know they accomplished something amazing and their parents are proud. Did you forget to pre-order flowers with your tickets? That’s ok! Flower bouquets will be available in the lobby on show day. Flowers, hugs, and congratulatory words make your dancer feel supported, loved, and proud of their hard work.

Document this year’s annual dance recital.

We can’t begin to tell you how special these memories will likely be to your dancer many years down the line. Pre and post-show pictures are a must! One day you will all look back and your dancer will thank you endlessly for your support throughout the years. Our dance recital at District Dance is a special day for families, and we can’t wait to see the smiles!

The annual dance recital is almost here! We want to encourage you to take it all in! Recital can be a crazy time, but trust us, you and your child are making memories you will hold on to LONG after the curtain closes.  

Don’t forget to head over to our website to pick your seats and purchase tickets. It’s going to be fabulous and we can’t wait!