How To Know If Your Child Is Ready For Dance Class

A child’s first dance class is such a special milestone! We still get ALL the feels when we look back at pictures and videos of our first dancing moments. After all, for most of the staff members at District Dance, our first dance classes were the start of a life-long journey with dance. 

At District Dance, we offer dance classes for kids as young as 2 years old. As parents wanting to give your kids opportunities to explore fun activities, it can be hard to know what your child is ready for and when to begin enrolling them. We teach tons of little munchkins and it really is true that every kid develops at different rates. For some 2-year-olds, they waltz right into dance class with no problems, and for many others, they just aren’t quite ready yet… and that’s totally normal! 

So we put together a list to make it a little easier for parents to know if your little dancer is ready! 

5 signs that your child is ready for dance class:

1. They enjoy dancing along to music at home!

If you’ve witnessed those cute little baby bops and grooves at home whenever you turn on music, your child will probably beam with excitement on the first day of dance. Do they like to clap and sing with music? Do they have a favorite song that makes their knees bounce and hips swivel? Send them our way so we can take their moves to the next level!

2. They are comfortable spending short periods of time away from mom/dad. 

Separation anxiety is common with our little ones and totally normal. If your child has been to preschool before, they will likely be comfortable leaving you for a quick dance class. If not, it can be harder to know ahead of time and might take some trial and error. We recommend talking about it beforehand and seeing how they feel when you explain that dance class is something they get to do ALL my themselves.

At the first couple of classes, if they hold on to you for dear life and just can’t hold back the tears and screams, they might need some more time before starting dance. It’s totally okay! If they are a little apprehensive but enter class with a little extra encouragement, they are ready! We will help them break out of their shell!

3. They can follow verbal instructions… MOST of the time! 

This one is super important! For our little ones, dance class is a great way to not only learn the coolest moves but also learn how to follow directions and operate within a new learning environment. Our classes are often filled with tons of verbal cues that the dancers follow. For some toddlers, that’s an easy task, and for others, it can take some practice and assistance. If they can follow directions at least half of the time… they are most likely good to go! 

4. They are able to repeat simple movements you do with your body. 

Auditory and visual learning don’t always develop at the same time, which is why we wanted to add this one to the list. If your child has a hard time following verbal instructions, but can easily copy motions you do with your body, they will likely thrive as well. Most of our classes for the tiny ones are follow-the-leader style, so being good at this skill means they are well-prepared!

5. They have been introduced to turn-taking. 

Turn-taking is a part of any dance class and can sometimes be a hard concept for 2 and 3-year-olds to grasp. It’s important that each child gets individualized attention, which can require the other tiny dancers to wait their turn without getting TOO sidetracked. Being introduced to turn-taking and waiting during play-time and other at-home activities will definitely help them thrive in dance class!

Think your little dancer is ready?! Check out our Fall Shimmer Schedule for ages 2-7 and register online today! We can’t wait to meet all of the newest (and tiniest!) members of our District Dance family! 

And parents, we are even more excited to see YOUR faces when they run into your arms after their first-ever dance class… it’s a picture-perfect and scrapbook worthy moment every time! 

Ask any of the staff members at District Dance and we will probably ALL tell you that we are forever grateful to our parents for enrolling us in dance class. Giving your kids activities that they grow to love is SO important and we can’t wait to watch them grow!