Celebrating Leadership with Girls Who Start

We took part in something special recently and we can’t WAIT to share with all of our readers! This past month, Melissa Curling, our fearless leader and owner here at District Dance sat down with Lyla H., president of Girls Who Start (Ridgeview chapter) for a one-of-kind interview. Owning a dance studio in Germantown, COVID-19 challenges, and personal sacrifices are just some of the topics they tackled! 

Girls Who Start is an international non-profit that inspires girls to become entrepreneurs and leaders, which goes hand in hand with our slogan here at District Dance! Today’s empowered girls; tomorrow’s unstoppable leaders are the words we live (and dance) by. So when Girls Who Start (Ridgeview chapter) reached out, we were THRILLED to partner up.

While the full video includes TONS of insightful discussion, today we’ve highlighted just a few of our favorite highlights! Check out these questions from Lyla, as well as Miss Melissa’s words of wisdom: 

What advice do you have for people who want to come up with an idea for a company or organization?

    1. You can’t do it alone. Our amazing team at District Dance along with outside professional experts have helped District Dance become a leading dance studio in Germantown, MD. 
    2. You have to be willing to learn. Many aspects of owning a business require learning as you go, and constantly re-learning as you expand. No one knows it all when they start!
    3. Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable. Failure might happen, so taking on challenges with confidence is so important!
    4. Create Something That Your Community Needs. Successful businesses start from solving a problem or meeting a need that people want to pay for.

What are some highs and lows of starting a business?

The best part of owning my dance studio is watching our students grow and become successful as they move through our program. I love when our kids accomplish great things and follow their dreams in any endeavor. I also love watching our competitive dancers take the stage for their first solo, exemplifying courage and confidence. 

The most recent low of my entrepreneurship experience is the impact of COVID-19. Operating at 25% capacity and moving our business online for virtual classes has proved challenging! Additionally, creating a brand new business can get lonely sometimes because you are the one person who is solely responsible for the success of the company. Making difficult decisions alone and being responsible for your employees’ livelihood can be scary, but also wonderful.

Loving this interview?! Us too! Check out the full video HERE to learn more about Melissa Curling’s exceptional experience becoming an entrepreneur and witness her mentorship in action!

We are so proud of our District Dance students who’ve taken interest in entrepreneurship and leadership in their community. A special shoutout goes out to Lyla and all the ladies at Girls Who Start! Reach for the stars, follow your dreams, and make YOUR mark!