Get to know Megan – Staff Spotlight

Meet Megan Lynn, the Ballet Program Director at District Dance Company. Megan earned her Bachelor’s degree in Dance Choreography, Dance Science (magna cum laude) and Biology from Goucher College. She has been teaching a variety of dance disciplines throughout New York, New Jersey and Maryland for more than 9 years. Since 2012, Megan has directed and produced over 40 different performances and looks forward to her first full length ballet production with District Dance.

“Dance is a complex art, requiring not only the dancer to be fully in control (excellent technique) but also fully letting go (excellent performance). Neither can be more important than the other. Watching my students navigate this balance and grow simultaneously in both of these areas is one of the greatest privileges I have as their teacher.” ~ Megan Lynn

We asked Megan to tell us a few things about herself that her DDC family might enjoy knowing.

Here are a few fun things some of you might not know about me:

  1. I spent the last six years living, working, and dancing in NYC metropolitan area. During my time there, I worked over 30 different jobs in all 5 boroughs and the 3 “beyonds”- Long Island, Westchester County, and Bergen County. I used to spend up to 2.5 hours commuting (walk, subway, bus, train) to and from studios. I was lucky if I taught or worked even close to the number of hours I spent traveling there! I feel blessed to sit in the comforts of my car and blasting my own music in the traffic on 270!
  2. I met my boyfriend online and we dated long distance for over a year. We used to surprise order each other food and have dinner dates over Skype!
  3. Currently, I am the Assistant Director of Children’s Ministry at Cedarbrook Community Church.

What is the greatest advice a mentor ever gave you?

“All obstacles you face are merely just detours. Even when the world around you falls apart and your choices are bleak, you can always choose your response. You can always choose joy.”  

As a child, I used to have a perfectionist personality and was phased by small interruptions in life. Living my early and mid 20’s in NYC, I experienced a lot of challenges, hardships, crises, and the unexpected over and over again in both professionally and personally. (My friends think I should write a book!)

Despite everything, I will never forget how much this advice changed my perspective and my life. In the thickest and darkest seasons, we are only facing something temporary and we can still choose to respond joyfully. I was able to deal with the unwelcome and the unexpected in a whole new way and still do today! What a powerful freedom it is, to know you always have a choice, and the choice is joy!

With a busy schedule in hand, how do you refocus yourself?

I set aside a portion of every morning for devotionals, reflecting, and praying. It helps me focus on what’s most important, who’s most important, and choosing peace/joy/forgiveness/love/hope/trust no matter what comes my way that day. I pray for each of my students, coworkers, friends, family, and any of their needs that I know about.

I try to continue refocusing throughout the day in between activities, classes, and places I’m called to go. I’m not perfect at it and days can be more demanding than others, making it much harder to find the time I’d like.  I could spend hours of every day doing this, and sometimes actually get the chance on that rare day off. I don’t just believe it makes a difference, I know it does!

We are very lucky to have Ms. Megan as our Ballet Program Director. Megan has been working on directing her first full length ballet with District Dance. She can not wait to see her artistic vision brought to life.