Finding The Perfect Dance Class For Your Child

Starting dance lessons is an exciting time for a child and their parents. Dance classes help a child develop self-confidence, discipline, body awareness and a love of the arts.

When your child is ready to enroll in a dance class or multiple classes, choosing a dance class or a specific dance style that is the right fit can be confusing. Even a child who has been dancing for years may come to a point when they are struggling to make the choice of which class they want to take at the start of a new dance year.

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Things to Consider When Choosing a Dance Class (or Classes) for Your Dancer

In addition to your child’s age and experience levels, there are a number of factors you should consider when selecting a dance class that will be a good fit for your child.

What Are My Child’s Interests?

Clearly, your child is interested in dancing, movement, and music, or you wouldn’t be seeking out a dance class! But does she enjoy dressing up, putting on tutus and twirling around the kitchen? Maybe a ballet class is right for her! Does your child climb the walls and do flips off the couch? Check out our Acro classes! Hip-Hop is a great class option for students who are looking for an energetic and laid-back dance class experience, while Jazz is a fun option for improving technique, musicality and stage performance.

What Do We Want to Get Out of Dance This Year?

It is important at the start of every dance year for any student and their parents to consider what they most want to get out of the season that year. For first time dancers, try a class that exposes them to several varying styles or introduces a foundational technique, like Pre-Ballet. If your goal is to improve versatility, trying out a new class can be fun. If the goal is to dance competitively, signing up for multiple classes a week will ensure a young dancer gets ample opportunity to practice and grow.

How Much Time Are We Willing to Commit to Dance?

Dancing is a joy, and all of our dance classes are designed to be fun, but dance is also hard work. Knowing how much time and effort you and your child are willing to commit to dance for the year is important at the start of the year before deciding how many classes your child can sign up for and whether a recreational class or competition team is the right choice. In addition to class times, there are rehearsals and performances to consider, including travel time.

Dance Classes Available at District Dance Studio

Our dance classes are all designed to build strong, confident dancers. If your child is unsure what style they would like to learn, we offer free trial classes for all of our recreational dance classes.

Dance classes available at District Dance Studio include:

Pre-Ballet: (age 2+): Establishing a basic understanding of dance technique, positioning, and choreography. Pre-ballet classes help even the youngest dancers develop coordination, flexibility, and strength, all in a creative and fun environment.

Ballet: (age 4+): More advanced ballet classes include an emphasis on increased complexity of choreography, positioning, and improved technique.

Hip-Hop (age 5+): Hip-hop classes are fun, high-energy classes that allow students to explore their creativity and try out this unique style while connecting with music and rhythm.

Jazz (age 5+): Jazz classes are a fun way to build technique and strength while focusing on improving stage presence and performance.

Tap (age 3+): Explore rhythm, precision, and sound through intricate movement with our tap classes. Tap classes help teach coordination and body awareness while being lots of fun!

Lyrical (age 7+): Lyrical dance classes use a blend of ballet and jazz to tell a story through movement and music. Lyrical dancers learn to emotionally connect with music through movement and how to communicate that with an audience.

Contemporary (age 7+): Contemporary dance is a style that combines elements of modern, jazz, lyrical and ballet. Contemporary dancers have the opportunity to flex their creative muscles using versatility and improvisation while accessing tools and techniques learned across genres.

Acrobatic Arts (age 7+): Acro classes teach dance along with elements of gymnastics and tumbling to improve flexibility, increase strength, and how to move fluidly and gracefully.

Leaps & Turns (age 10+): This class is perfect for dancers who are hoping to join high school poms or dance teams. Leaps & Turns students learn multiple dance techniques including jazz, hip-hop, kickline and cheer skills.

A Dance Studio that Supports Your Child’s Dreams | District Dance Company

Our focus at District Dance Company is to support and empower your child to go after their dreams, in the studio, on the stage, and in their lives outside of dance. Still not sure which class is right for your child? Take our Quiz to receive a personalized dance class recommendation and to sign up for a Free Trial class!