Experience the Magic: 4 Benefits of Seeing a Live Performance

Hey dance families! Today, we’ve got a question for you! When is the last time you watched a dance performance on TV or Youtube? We’re guessing it was fairly recent! Now here’s the REAL question: when was the last time you took a trip to the theater to see a LIVE dance performance? If it’s been a hot minute, this blog post is for YOU!

Don’t worry parents, we don’t blame you! Let’s be real. When life gets busy, it’s hard to prioritize seeing live performances… ESPECIALLY when you’re living in the age of the iPhone. If you can pull up a million dance routines on Youtube, it’s difficult to see the importance of a live performance. Which is why we are taking some time out to tell you about… The MAGIC!

Yes, you read that right! Seeing a live dance performance is MAGICAL. It’s something that every young dancer should get the chance to experience!  Read on to learn about the benefits of seeing a live dance performance and a little bit about District Dance’s upcoming production of Snow White!

1. Discovering Role Models

It’s important for any child to have role models who they can admire and look up to. When seeing a performance, a tiny ballerina can’t help but look up to the performers and admire their accomplishments. It reminds them that great things are possible if you work hard and dedicate yourself to something you love. 

In our upcoming performance of Snow White, audience members will see students from the District Dance ballet program dancing alongside professional ballerinas. It’s going to be a great opportunity to witness the different stages in a dancer’s life and training! 

2. Observing The Beauty AND The Mistakes in Real-Time

This is what sets a live dance performance apart from a video recording. If the only dance performances that a child watches are from TV, movies, or youtube, they are only being exposed to the best edits and the perfect takes. At a live performance, the audience gets to see the many beautiful moments along with the few little (or not so little!) hiccups along the way. 

As dance teachers, we can’t stress how important this is. Everyone makes mistakes, and if young dancers don’t ever get to see their role models make mistakes, they often get way too discouraged when they make mistakes of their own. Mistakes are good, and seeing a live performance is a great way to learn this lesson! 

3. Experiencing Stories That Are Told Through Dance

For most of our young dancers, they come to class each week and work hard on skills and technique. Until they see a live performance, it’s difficult to understand how dance can be used for storytelling. But the truth is, dance is SO much more than technique!

Dance is a form of self-expression that goes beyond what words can portray. Dancers can communicate emotions, thoughts, and stories with their movement. 

District Dance is proud to present the story of Snow White in just a few months. The characters encounter a magic mirror, a poisonous apple and of course the very evil queen. Come witness the story unfold live on March 29th! 

4. Community Building 

Taking a trip to the theater to see a live dance performance gets kids out of their bubbles, away from their mobile devices, and into their community. It leads to warm connections with others, as audience members talk about the show and reflect upon what they saw. Above all, it helps us forget about the outside world and become totally engulfed in the movement and storyline. 

Art has the power to bring people together because it is something that people from many different backgrounds can all enjoy. By attending District Dance’s upcoming Ballet performance, you are not only supporting local artists, but you are becoming involved with the great community of Germantown, MD. 

A live performance brings SO much to a child’s relationship with dance. Speaking from experience, seeing dance live can often make a child fall totally in love with this beautiful art form. The hearts are flying this Valentine’s Day and we can honestly say that WE fall more and more in love with dance every day! 

What better way to feel the love and experience the magic than seeing a live dance performance of Snow White. It’s going to be a great show with talented dancers of all ages. Tickets are available online for purchase, so hurry over to our website to get yours today!