Digital Dancing: 3 Benefits of Virtual Dance Classes

What a whirlwind we are living in! As we enter into Phase 1 of reopening our community, it’s becoming more and more clear that this situation is going to take lots and LOTS of time. That’s why we are so proud to have acted quickly in March to get our virtual dance classes up and running. We just could NOT let our little superstars go without dance for months!!!

Have you checked out our list of Digital Learning Resources? Here’s the rundown:

  • All recreational classes are hosted live on Zoom at their regularly scheduled time.
  • A class resource center through Google Classroom complete with recital resources, live recorded classes, bonus content, and exciting challenges to keep our dancers engaged.
  • FREE family fun events.
  • Access to CLI dance classes hosted by the industry’s finest teachers including tWitch, Allison Holker, and more!
  • BRAND NEW online classes that are now accepting enrollment for ages 2-7.
  • Digital summer camps!

Even though our digital classes are looking a little bit different than before, we’ve been thrilled by the flexibility of our dancers, teachers, and parents as we tackle this new reality together. Watching the kids’ faces light up on zoom reminds us that dance is so much more than the steps. Our students are getting SO much out of our classes, whether they are in-person or through a screen. Right now, that is more clear than ever!

Check out these 4 Benefits of Virtual Dance Classes:

1. Personal Connection

Right now it’s pretty safe to say that we are ALL starving for some social interaction. Every time we log onto zoom and our students’ faces pop up on the screen, it is ALL smiles and waves!

Getting the chance to see and hear a familiar face is SO valuable right now. Some kids are excited to see their friends while others are dying to tell their teacher about their latest at-home adventure. Either way, dance class makes them feel seen and heard during a time when many of us feel a little invisible to the outside world!

2. Staying Active and Healthy

Has anyone else’s couch time doubled since quarantine started? During a time when endorphins and excitement are running low, it’s especially important for children to stay active. Dance class is the perfect at-home activity to get your TV remote DOWN and your heart rate UP!

At District Dance, we are committed to helping kids maintain strong and healthy bodies. During our technique exercises, kids practice gross and fine motor skills. In addition, a child’s heart is pumping when performing their recital dance from start to finish!

3. Rewind and Rewatch for Unlimited Amounts of Practice

One of the most valuable parts of our digital initiatives is the unlimited amounts of class resources! Before our world went virtual, there was just one day and time where your child could learn from our fabulous instructors. Now, the possibilities are endless.

Our staff has put together a class resource center through Google Classroom. It’s complete with recital resources, live recorded classes, bonus content, and exciting challenges to keep our dancers engaged.

Miss a Zoom class? Head to the Google Classroom to find a recording of it. Want to practice that tricky tap step a few extra times? Rewind and rewatch your class videos as many times as you want! We’ve made sure you can dance on your own time and you’ll never have to wait to practice those stellar moves!

4. A Fun Outlet

Alright parents, just HOW sick of hearing the words “I’m BORED!!” are you?! At this point, you’ve probably pulled out all the stops when it comes to entertaining your kids, which is why we are delighted to provide a weekly source of pure fun! We’ve been really upping our game in terms of interactive activities because we know how much kids need it right now!

Stay-at-home orders and social distancing may be difficult for kids to grasp. No matter their age or understanding of the current situation, they are feeling the effects. Getting the chance to let go, be creative, and JUST dance it out is something that every kid needs right now. We LOVE giving that to our District Dance students.

To all of our District Dance parents, we hope this list reminded you of your “why.” We know you’ve got a lot going on right now and it’s not always easy to get your kid set up with all of these digital resources. Your children smiling at us through a screen every day is our “why.”

Thank you parents for continuing to support your children’s passions. Thank you for your adaptability during this uncertain time. Lastly, thank you for supporting District Dance and sharing your amazing children with us. We LOVE getting the chance to dance with them.