What Should Be In A Dance Bag? – A Parent’s Guide

What Should Be In A Dance Bag? – A Parent’s Guide

Packing your child’s bag for dance class? While it seems like a simple task, often a dance bag becomes areceptacle for too many extra, unnecessary items and the simplest and most important things get left out.

While you don’t want your child carrying 50lbs of gear to and from class every day, it’s important that they are prepared with everything they need to be successful so they can focus on dance without distraction. But how do you know what is truly a necessity and what items are just fluff in your child’s dance bag?

As the new dance season starts, clean out your child’s dance bag and stock it with these items, and your child will be prepared without being burdened.

1 Dance Shoes

The most integral tools a dancer uses other than their body are their dance shoes. Of course, dance shoes should never be worn outside of the studio. This protects both the shoes and the dance floor.

Don’t risk your dancer showing up to class without the appropriate shoes! Always store them in your child’s dance bag. If your child takes multiple styles of dance, include all of her shoes (ballet shoes, tap shoes, foot undeez, etc.) so there’s no last minute scrambling before you get out the door to classes or rehearsals.

2 Tights, Tights and Tights

Tights are light, compact and prone to rips, tears and runs. Pack multiple spares in the colors you may need. You will absolutely never regret having too many pairs of tights in your dancers bag, but you will certainly regret it if you don’t have a spare pair when needed!

3 Hair Supplies

This is where the chaos of packing a dance bag usually begins. But you absolutely need to keep all hair supplies on hand. I typically suggest a travel sized hair brush and mini bottle of hair spray, along with a plentiful supply of hair ties and bobby pins or hair pins. You may also want to consider hair nets, as these work well to smooth out a messy bun quickly in a pinch.

Also, you’ll be everyone’s hero when you come through for an unprepared dancer with extra hair
supplies at a rehearsal or competition!

4 Water Bottle and Snacks

Rather than risk a day that goes longer than anticipated and having a hungry, grumpy dancer, keep a couple of non-perishable, individually wrapped portions of healthy snacks like protein bars or trail mix in your dancer’s bag, along with a water bottle.

Disposable or reusable water bottles both work fine, but make sure your child’s water bottle does not leak and your child is capable of and responsible enough to ensure it is fully sealed prior to putting it in her bag. If you’re afraid your little dancer may mistakenly spill all over her bag or the studio floor, just hold onto it for her instead.

Even the most responsible of dancers spill sometimes, so always only fill water bottles with clear liquid!

Leave It Out!

These things may be needed at performances and competitions, but are better left out of your child’s dance bag. instead, pack these items separately to be brought along only when needed:

  • Band-Aids, antiseptic, or medications. Your dance instructor will have some on hand, or you can stock extras in your personal bag, but there’s no need for your child to carry these.
  • Toys, games, books or homework. Planning a long day of rehearsals? Packing quiet things to help pass the time in a separate bag is a great idea, but these do not belong in the dance bag!
  • Make-up. While your dancer may need make up for performances, storing make-up in the dance bag is a good way to end up with stains on your child’s supplies or an invitation for make-up supplies to get broken or lost. These should be kept separately in a bag specifically for performances and competitions only.

Ready To Get Back To Dance?

The first step an experienced dance parent will tell you is to start the season by cleaning out your existing
dance bag. Start fresh by completely emptying out your child’s bag, tossing it in the wash or vacuuming it
out, and loading it up fresh with these items at the beginning of the season. With the right tools on hand, your child can focus on learning and growing as a dancer instead of worrying about whether she has everything she needs.

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