From Tots to Teachers-in-Training: 6 Ways We Help Our Dancers Progress

competition dance in Gaithersburg

From the moment we welcome a dancer into our studio family, we are ready to help them grow. While any dance studio can teach your child how to do a beautiful pirouette, our mission is about more than just dance. Whether your child is taking their very first dance class, or looking for advanced dance … Read more

How To Know If Your Child Is Ready For Dance

beginning dance classes

Each year, as the school year begins, we all tend to feel nostalgic and sentimental about how fast our children are growing. As they step onto the school bus or try their first beginning dance classes, we realize that they are becoming more and more ready to take on the world, independently from us! So … Read more

4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Dance Studio

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When hiring a babysitter, would you pick someone you didn’t trust? When you’re choosing a pediatrician for your child, would you choose one with poor reviews? Our guess is… absolutely not!  If you’re like us, you don’t cut corners when it comes to your little ones! We know you want the absolute best for your … Read more

Are You Ready for an #UNSTOPPABLE Summer?!

summer dance intensive in Germantown

Has your dancer ever wondered what it’s like to be a professional dancer in New York City? Does your child want to take their dance training to the next level? If you answered “yes” to those questions, we can’t wait to tell you about our Summer Dance Intensive in Germantown!   Introducing the #UNSTOPPABLE Dance Intensive! … Read more

Stay Strong All Summer Long!

summer dance classes

Where are all the summer-lovers at?! What’s your favorite summer staple? Barbeques? Pool days? Bonfires? It all sounds JUST perfect right about now… who agrees?! We are ready to kick this summer off!  With the sun coming out and kids off of school, summertime makes children more energized and motivated than ever! We call that … Read more

Returning to the Studio: Our Dancers Weigh In!

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After revamping our safety protocols, creating virtual class options, and kicking off our 2020/2021 Dance Season in September, we gave ourselves a GIANT pat on the back! We are SO proud and pleased with our safe return back to the dance studio. But we couldn’t stop there! We HAD to ask our students to weigh … Read more

[VIDEO]Sneak Peek into our Digital Summer Camps

Dance Summer Camps in the Kentlands Gaithersburg MD

Times have changed and we know many parents are looking for summer activities kids can enjoy in a safe and supportive environment. We’ve got you covered with our digital summer camp experience. Our digital camps are perfect for parents who are looking for energetic, creative, and artistic activities to keep their kids engaged all summer long. … Read more

Easy Dance Recital Makeup in 7 Steps

Easy dance recital makeup

Every year, I hear the same questions. The first of which is “Why does my little girl need to wear so much makeup?” Secondly, “How in the world do I put on recital makeup?” I’m here to ease your concerns and hopefully make performance day that much more fun and less stressful. To start, let me … Read more