Bringing You Options: Virtual AND In-Person Dance Classes This Fall

Here at District Dance, we ask ourselves one question a lot: “What do our dance families need right now?” When the pandemic hit, we started asking ourselves that question more and more. We want to support our community during this difficult time and we’re keeping that in mind as we shape our upcoming Fall Dance Programs. 

We know we may not be able to provide our families with EVERYTHING they need right now, but we CAN give you options. With tough decisions ahead this Fall regarding school and in-person activities, we KNOW you need flexible options. Everyone has differing comfort levels with exposure and safety protocols, and we’re committed to providing dance programs that suit YOUR needs. 

That’s why this Fall, we are offering BOTH in-person and virtual dance classes. We’re giving YOU the option to choose! 

Option 1: Head to the studio for our in-person dance classes. We’re using masks, social distancing markers, temperature checks, and limited class sizes to keep you safe. Learn more about our safety protocols here!

Option 2: Join our virtual classes from the safety of your home! Our in-person classes will be livestreamed straight to your home. 

Today on the blog, we want to highlight all we are doing to enrich the experience for our dancers who are joining us for virtual dance classes this Fall:

  • Hosted on Zoom, these classes are LIVE, streamed to your home in real time. 
  • Our AV set up at the studio, complete with teacher microphones, high quality sound, and great camera views, ensures that you’re getting the BEST quality classes. Your child will feel connected and engaged!
  • Your child will get the WHOLE picture with a camera view of the entire classroom, including the instructor, the students, and the mirrors. 
  • We’re offering reduced class pricing for virtual students, because we know it’s not QUITE the same experience. View our pricing breakdown here. 
  • The option to choose our Unlimited Class Pass is available. For $200/month, take as many classes as you’d like! A great deal for kids who LOVE to dance!
  • We’re making time to ensure that our virtual students feel included and welcomed. A virtual, but personal connection with your teacher and classmates will occur and the beginning and end of each class. 

We THOUGHT we offered tons of options to our dance families before. But during our 2020/2021 Dance Season, we are giving the word “options” a WHOLE new meaning! We invite ALL of our dance families to take class in the setting that works best for them. 

District Dance is now accepting enrollment for our fall programs. Whether you are joining us in-person OR virtually, we are here for you! From your home or at the studio, it’s going to be a GREAT year of dance!