From Tots to Teachers-in-Training: 6 Ways We Help Our Dancers Progress

From the moment we welcome a dancer into our studio family, we are ready to help them grow. While any dance studio can teach your child how to do a beautiful pirouette, our mission is about more than just dance. Whether your child is taking their very first dance class, or looking for advanced dance in Gaithersburg, we give them opportunities to progress and become their best selves! 

So how do we make sure our dancers are always working toward their next celebratory moment? Leadership opportunities, clear class levels, performance opportunities, and more! From tots to teachers-in-training, we support our dancers through the many stages of their dance lives!

Today on the blog, we’re sharing the 6 Ways We Help Our Dancers Progress:

1. A Class Syllabus for Every Dance Style

Having a class syllabus at our studio means that we have a pre-outlined curriculum with details on level-based dance skills. Every skill we teach our students can usually progress into an even harder skill later on. For a dancer, this provides clarity on where they are, and what they are working towards.

2. Clear Level Progressions with End-Of-Year Evaluations

After our students graduate from our Shimmer Program (for ages 2-7), they move on to our Shine Program. Within the Shine Program, we offer several levels and the ability to move up each year. Most importantly, our staff work hard to deliver end-of-year evaluations, detailing their students’ progress and level for next year. Our dancers always know what to work on in order to move up a level!

3. An Opportunity to Perform with Professionals

Through our Ballet Program, we offer a unique opportunity during our annual Spring Ballet production. In addition to featured roles for advanced dancers, our ballet students get the chance to perform alongside professional ballerinas. Check out some videos of our past Ballet Productions here! 

4. A Competitive Program

In addition to recreational classes, we ALSO offer a competitive program for dancers who wish to take their skills to the next level! These committed dancers take advantage of our most unique performance opportunities. This includes community events, regional conventions, and a culminating experience in Disney World or NYC. Select dancers even get the chance to perform solos, duets, and trios during the season! 

5. Leadership Opportunities Starting at Age 7

For those students who want to get even more involved with the studio, we provide experiences that build valuable life skills that they will use for years after they graduate high school. This includes the following leadership positions here at the studio:

    • Leading Ladies – An enrichment program for teens/pre-teens that includes skill development, college preparation, mentorship, teacher training, and more!
    • Paid Internships
    • Student Assistant Positions
    • Dance Teacher Training

From their very first dance class to their high school graduation, we will be there to support your dancer. We absolutely love watching our students grow up here at the studio. More importantly, we love consistently giving them chances to progress along the way. It’s one of the most rewarding parts of our job!

Is your child ready to learn, grow, and progress with us this year? We are SO excited to meet them and help them excel! District Dance is currently accepting enrollment in all school term classes. Check out the schedule today!