A Guide for Parents: 5 Ways to Set Your Dancer Up for Success In 2020

Happy New Year District Dance families! It’s officially 2020 and we love this time of year because it feels a little bit like a fresh start. After a much needed break in the middle of winter, we are feeling more motivated and driven to accomplish our goals. 

As we head into the New Year, we are ready to not only tackle OUR goals, but also help our students tackle theirs. As parents, you are probably WELL aware that kids don’t always do what they are supposed to do. They usually need a little extra push from the adults and role models in their life to help them accomplish greatness. 

If you can see your child’s dance potential but are wondering just how to help them step up their game, this short guide for dance parents is for YOU! Today on the blog, we are sharing 5 Ways to Set Your Dancer Up for Success in 2020:

1. Mark Your Calendar for Important Dance Dates

The first and easiest way to help your dancer succeed this dance season is staying on top of important dates. When things like dress rehearsal, recital, and company auditions sneak up on you, it will show in your child’s performance. Reminding them about these big events early and often will serve as consistent motivation to work hard in class. 

The good news is that we made it SUPER easy by putting all our important dates in one place. Head to our Parent Info Page to view our full calendar. 

2. Enroll in Summer Camps Now

We know it’s early, but trust us when we say that Summer Dance is EVERYTHING! Summer is often a time where kids forget what they learned all year long. We hate to see that happen, which is why we offer week-long camps all summer long that are packed with fun, adventure, AND dance. 

Each camp has a unique theme that engages are young dancers while they are learning skills. Themes for summer 2020 include Frozen, Superheroes Save the Day, Kid’s Choice Discovery Camp, Donut Spytacular, and more! Registration is open, so head to our website to find out more about these unique learning experiences. 

3. Set Goals with Your Dancer

Goal-setting is great for kids because it helps them come to class each week with a clear focus. No one can master everything all at once, so working SUPER hard on a specific skill can help kids tackle one thing at a time. 

Set aside some time at home to reflect with your child on what they’d like to accomplish this year in dance. Pick one or two things to write down and hang up around the house. Our dedicated instructors would be happy to take a look at those goals to see if they are realistic, as well as offer some helpful tips for accomplishing them! 

For more tips on setting goals with kids, check out this awesome article! 

4. After Setting Goals, Keep Your Dancer Accountable

The car ride to and from dance is the perfect time to make accountability happen! While you’re on the way to dance, quiz your child to see if they remember their goals. Ask them how they plan to make those goals happen in class today. On the way home, ask them how class went! Offering encouragement on good days AND bad ones will show them that you are always behind them.

5. Ask for Feedback From Teachers

We have an AMAZING team here at District Dance that loves to see every child succeed. When teachers know about your child’s goals, they can provide consistent feedback in class that keeps kids on their toes. 

More importantly, checking in before or after class is a great way to get individualized feedback. As teachers, we give great info to our students but we know that might get lost in translation by the time it gets to parents! By chatting face to face, we can give you the best tips to support your child. 

We love providing a guide for dance parents, especially for those who are new to the dance world. Hopefully, these ideas will lead to a successful year filled with tons of growth.

Happy New Year, and Happy Dancing, District dance families! Let’s rock 2020!