6 Questions to Ask When You Are Looking for a Dance Studio

Parents, this month’s blog post is for YOU. We know how hard you work… at your jobs, at home, and during the many hours spent trying to give your kids as many opportunities as you can. We get it!  We are here to make your lives as easy as possible.

As a dance parent, we know you have tons of options. Between scheduling, pricing, and class quality it’s hard to know what dance studio is the best for you and your child. We’re here to help. 

We’ve put together a list of 6 essential questions to ask when you are looking for a dance studio. We, of course, hope that your search leads you to our studio doors, but ultimately we want YOU to find the best fit for YOU. Don’t guess about where to send your kids and who to give your business to. Ask these questions and find your perfect dance home!

1. What is included in monthly tuition payments?

Every studio does pricing a little differently. In your monthly payments, are you just paying for the weekly dance class? Will there be add on fees come recital time? Are there any special discounts you are eligible for? These are things you deserve to know ahead of time so you can weigh out your options!

Our Answer: At District Dance, our monthly tuition includes your registration fee as well as a VIP Recital Package. We love our inclusive pricing because we want our parents to know exactly what they are paying for with NO surprise add-ons at the end of the year. Here’s what we include. 

        • Your monthly classes led by our college-educated, top-notch team of leaders (aka teachers)
        • Yearly registration fee
        • Recital fee
        • Recital t-shirt with your dancer’s name on the back
        • A premium yearbook-style program
        • A 1/4 page personalized dedication with a picture and text you submit of your shining star
        • A digital download of the entire performance (all shows your dancer performed in)
        • Hundreds of digital onstage photos of each dance your dancer performed in
        • A surprise gift
        • Multi-Class and Sibling Discounts

2. What IS NOT included in monthly tuition payments? 

To truly figure out the cost of your child’s dance experience, you have to know what other expenses to plan for. Be sure to ask about what your child needs for class and any other recital fees that might sneak up on you later in the year.

Our Answer: Costume fees, dance apparel, class pictures, and performance tickets are not included in our tuition because they vary from family to family. These expenses depend on your dancer’s age, dancewear needs, and your personal recital preferences. But we make it easy for you to plan! Head over to our website and check out our “Additional Costs to Consider” chart for a breakdown of these expenses! 

3. How long is your dance season?

Every studio has a slightly different start and end dates for classes. Make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck by asking how long the class season is and factoring that in when comparing prices. 

Our Answer: Our 2019-2020 Dance Season runs from August 17th-June 20th. Yep, 10 months of FUN!

4. How do I know what class and level is right for my child?

All pricing aside, you want to make sure your child not only enjoys their time at dance, but also is placed in the correct level that challenges them and builds them up as much as possible. Ask this question to make sure your dancer isn’t thrown into a class with kids twice their age or half their ability! 

Our Answer: We take the time to learn about each child’s age, interests, ability level and more to create personalized class recommendations. Take our online quiz to receive your recommendation and FREE Trial Class today! 

5. Are there other opportunities to perform beside the end of year recital?

For many young dancers, performing is the BEST part of their dance experience. Be sure to find out what kind of opportunities the studio offers for your child to grow into and look forward to throughout the years. 

Our Answer: In addition to our spectacular June recital, we host a full-length storyline ballet open to all children in our community. On top of that, our students have the unique opportunity to participate in a magical holiday dance performance in front of the White House AND a spring performance at Hershey Park! Looking for even more? For our dancers excited to REALLY step into the spotlight, we offer a competitive team program for dancers 5 and up. Learn more about our fabulous competitive dance teams here. 

6. What makes your studio unique?

Before deciding on a studio, make sure you find out about all the hidden gems each studio has to offer. 

Our Answer: Our focus on leadership & empowerment for ALL our students is something that sets up apart. Our NEW Wingman for Dance initiative is a perfect example of our mission in practice. Students will be spending a few minutes at the beginning of class doing activities that inspire dancers to be empathetic, courageous, and inclusive young leaders. We know that building confident young people leads to success both in and out of the dance studio! We focus on the whole dancer and encourage our students to step into their potential. 

For busy parents, finding a dance studio that is a great fit for your family is not always an easy task. We hope this list has made it a little easier for you! If you have additional questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our amazing staff is happy to get ALL your questions answered.

We are still accepting enrollment in most of our 2019-2020 Season Classes. Check out our schedule online and get registered today! We would love to welcome your family to our studio!