5 Benefits of Summer Dance

As the school year comes to a close and the weather starts to get warmer, we hope all of our dance families are getting PUMPED for summer. Our kids and parents deserve some quality time outside, time at the pool, and maybe a fun vacation getaway.

We also hope that dance gets penciled into your summertime fun for SO many reasons. We think summer classes are valuable and important for all of our students, and we truly believe we have some of the best summer dance classes in Germantown! Here’s a list of 5 benefits of summer dance to help our dance families get in the studio this summer! Trust us, you’ll be glad you did.

5 Benefits of Summer Dance:

1. Maintaining a Schedule

I’m sure all of our dance parents can agree that our kids’ schedules get a little crazy over summer break. After 3 months of a free-for-all schedule, it feels impossible to get them back on a regular schedule come August. Kids need consistency and structure to keep their mood and behavior in check. Signing them up for a weekly dance class where they are working towards the same goals each class is a great way to keep them grounded over summer vacation.

2. Stretching

Ask any dancer, flexibility is the FIRST thing to go when you stop dancing or take a break for a little bit. After just 3 weeks of not stretching, it can feel like you’ve lost all ability to bend and twist in any direction… for real! The good news is that young bodies bounce back quick, but summer dance classes will help maintain flexibility TREMENDOUSLY.

Almost all of our classes include a lengthy stretch session that can do wonders for growing bodies. Plus, as our kids are staying active outside and at the pool, stretching can help prevent injuries and pain from over-activity. Come stretch with us this summer!

3. Discipline

We know all of our dance parents are dedicated to teaching their kids discipline and commitment at home… we’ve seen your hard work pay off during the school year! But without the structure of school to reinforce those values, sometimes our kids can go a little crazy over the summer.

Summer dance classes are a great way to remind our kids that they can have fun and enjoy summer while still maintaining a sense of discipline in their lives. We love watching our kids enjoy the fun all day and then head to dance class in the evening to re-center and work hard each week. We work on goal setting in our classes, giving kids the perfect opportunity to work towards new skills without the added pressure of the school year distracting them. It is the perfect time to hone in and work on their technique!

4. Coming back for Fall Dance stronger than ever.

We will be honest, we can almost always tell which dancers took summer classes when they come back in the fall. Summer dance is SO important for maintaining their progress. Without practicing all their skills for 3 months, our students come back and often spend a month or two re-learning and getting their bodies back to where they were in the Spring. The kids that stay in the studio over break often build their strength, flexibility, and find themselves ahead of where they were during recital time. Trust us, it will make ALL the difference!

This one is also why summer dance classes are required for all pointe students and highly recommended for all competition team members. Without the added practice, it’s really difficult to keep up with pointe and/or competition team requirements. Don’t stunt your progress! Stay in the studio this summer!

5. Fun!!!

Beyond EVERYTHING else, our classes are so much fun! On top of stretching, focusing on technique, and honing in on skills, we pack our classes with fun dance combinations to the most popular songs on the radio. We watch our kids dance free during summer dance with no pressures of getting on stage or perfecting their routines. It’s a fun way to stay moving and grooving over the summer.

Now that you’ve heard why WE love summer dance classes, it’s time for YOU to see for yourselves. Register online now for a fun-filled summer of DANCE! We are ready to sweat, move, and groove at District Dance. Are you?