4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Dance Studio

When hiring a babysitter, would you pick someone you didn’t trust? When you’re choosing a pediatrician for your child, would you choose one with poor reviews? Our guess is… absolutely not! 

If you’re like us, you don’t cut corners when it comes to your little ones! We know you want the absolute best for your children! That’s why, when it comes to dance in Gaithersburg and the surrounding communities, we offer nothing but… the best. 

When choosing a dance studio, there’s a lot to consider. For new dance parents, you may not know where to start! We’re to make YOUR life easier. With our list below, you’ll be able to choose the perfect place for your child to dance, learn, and dream big!

4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Dance Studio:

1. Teachers

When choosing where to dance in Gaithersburg (or any city!), perhaps the most important thing to consider is quality of training. And where does that quality come from? The teachers of course! 

Are your child’s teachers trained from renowned institutions? Do they have collegiate-level degrees in the performing arts? These are tell-tale signs that your child is learning from the best. With qualified teachers, your child will learn correct technique, create injury-prevention habits, and develop a passion for the art form.

2. Facility

A dance studio’s facility can affect the safety and well-being of your dancer! Professional sprung floors can lessen joint pressure and help reduce injuries. Large studios ensure that your child has enough space to move to their full capacity. Lastly, as we learned during the pandemic, proper cleanliness and safety protocols should be a high priority as well!

3. Curriculum

A great studio that is committed to uplifting kids will have options for all ages and skill levels. More importantly, the curriculum should offer a clear level progression to ensure that your child stays challenged year after year.

In addition, the skills that your child learns in the classroom should meet them where they are developmentally. If your dancer catches on to new skills with little to no challenge, or if they spend months working but never become successful, that’s a sign that their class is too hard or too easy. Find a studio with the perfect balance!

4. Opportunities For Connection

Does your dance studio create a supportive, accepting, and empowering environment? Are children encouraged to work together as a team, or compete with each other? Dance class should be an opportunity to make friends and connect with peers through movement!

With this list, you’ll be sure to make the best-informed choice when deciding where to dance in Gaithersburg. We absolutely love seeing children fall in love with dance and thrive in and out of the studio. 

Here at District Dance, our professional teachers, exquisite facility, and informed curriculum make us the best choice for eager dancers. Most importantly, we offer an environment where dancers are empowered, supported, nurtured, and celebrated! Our students are connected through the dance family that we create, which keeps parents choosing us year after year. 

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