3 Ways to Prepare Your Child for In-Person Activities

As we quickly approach the one year mark of when we had to close our studio doors last March, we’re reflecting on both the challenges we’ve overcome, and the voids we still have yet to fill. We’ve been thrilled to continue offering dance classes for children in Germantown, but things still aren’t QUITE the same. 

For those families, both new AND returning, who weren’t comfortable attending classes this Fall, we’ve missed you DEARLY! That’s why we’re thrilled to announce a BRAND NEW 6 Week Mini Session, specifically geared towards families looking for a low-commitment option during this difficult time. 

If you are beginning your return to in-person activities, we’re here for you. We know it’s a scary time, so we’d love to offer some tips and tricks for preparing your child for an easy, safe return.

3 Ways to Prepare Your Child for In-Person Activities: 

  • Make mask-wearing fun! 

In our experience, children are usually VERY receptive to wearing a mask, especially when adults set clear expectations and approach it with optimism. Letting your child pick out the color or print of their mask is a great way to build some excitement about it. Teach your child to keep their mask covering their nose and mouth at all times, and remind them that masks aren’t scary even though they may take some getting used to!

  • Practice social distancing at home.

Kids LOVE getting up close and personal! Staying 6-feet away from others may not come natural right away. At home, you can show your child how big 6 feet is by having one parent lay on the ground and each of you standing near their head and feet. Then, have your child try standing 6 feet away without the parent on the ground, and see how close they are! This is a fun way to help them keep a safe distance!

  • Remind your child of best hygiene practices.

If your child hasn’t been to school in a while, they might need a refresher on how long to wash their hands. In addition, remind them to keep their hands away from their face and continue coughing and sneezing into their elbow, even with their mask on. 

Are YOU ready for a low-commitment in-person activity to ease your child into this Spring? We’ve got the PERFECT option! 

We are excited to announce a BRAND NEW 6 Week Mini Session for children ages 3-8, specifically geared to those who want to slowly ease into in-person activities. It’s a short and sweet, low commitment option for families looking for a lower-risk, fun-filled experience for the little ones! Check out all the details:

6 Week Mini Session
April 6-May 15
$120 for 6 Weeks of Class

Pretty Pet Shop Dance Pawty: Ages 3-5
Does your little one love puppies, kittens, and all things cute and fluffy? Join us for a creative dance class filled with our favorite furry friends. Our dancers will explore ballet and creative movement through puuurrfectly adorable music and pawsitively perfect props. 

Pop Star Dance Party: Ages 6-8
Calling all girls who dream of singing, dancing, and taking the BIG stage. We’ve got big dreams of being famous. You’re invited to learn ballet, jazz, and hip-hop grooves to all the coolest music. Think big bows, glitter spray, and your favorite family-friendly pop music.

What’s included when you enroll in our brand new 6 Week Mini Session?! 

  • 6 super fun, themed dance classes
  • Personal props used to engage our dancers while learning
  • A nurturing and supportive environment as your family eases into in-person activities
  • A personal link for parents to watch online and feel connected to your child’s dance education
  • A team committed to safely welcoming our community back to our new normal

Ready to Register?! CLICK HERE for more details and save your child’s spot today!