Can parents watch their child in class?

Parents are not allowed inside the dance studio. This is important so that our youngest dancers can work towards becoming more independent of mom and dad. It also helps our dancers stay focused on the teacher and learn as much as possible. Each studio has a large 6 foot viewing window that is partially covered by curtains so that parents can keep a close eye on their precious dancer without distracting them, if desired. Twice a season, we open the studio to family and friends. Check out our studio calendar for the next Parent Observation Day.

Do parents have to wait in the lobby while the dancer is in class?

We know your time is valuable. You do not have to wait in the lobby during the dancer’s class. We have your contact information should we need it. Please make sure to drop-off and pick-up your child on time.

Is the entire tuition amount due the dancers first day of class?

Yes. We conveniently break tuition payments up into five eight-week payment sessions. We ask parents pay the first eight week payment on registration. Our summer classes and camps are paid in full on registration. Click here for more information on our tuition policies and expected fees.

What should my dancer wear?

Please check out our dress code page for complete dance wear requirements. However, the short answer is a leotard, dance tights, and the correct dance shoes for the specific style the dancer is enrolled.

Can we make-up missed classes?

Yes, dancers are allowed to attend a similar class for a make-up class. Please note, we only allow one make-up classes per eight-week session. It is important to make sure you child attends their specific class because the choreography and technique is unique to their classes ability level and age group. Please limit make-ups as much as possible.

Is there a fee to participate in the Winter Revue and/or Spring Recital?

Yes, there is a fee for each show. This fee includes one class costume. It also helps the studio cover the costs for the stage rental, audio/visual, staff, programs etc. Our Winter Revue participation fee is around $60 and includes 1 costume. Our Spring Recital fee is around $165 per dancer and also includes a costume. If your child is in multiple classes, there will be an additional costume fee charged for classes 2, 3, 4, so on and so forth. There will not be an additional participation fee charged per class. This is a per dancer fee.

Is there a registration fee?

Yes, once a year, there is a registration fee. It is $39 for one dancer or $45 for a family (two or more dancers).

How does tuition work?

Our school year term (mid-August through mid-June) is paid in 5 equal installments every 8 weeks. Specific class tuition can be determined by visiting our class schedule and simply hovering over the class of interest. The tuition cost shown is for one session (out of five sessions total).

Summer class and camp tuition is due in full on registration.

Is the studio open on holidays?

Often times, yes, we are open. We do close on Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. For a complete list of holidays and closing, please view our studio calendar.

What do I do if there is inclement weather?

Our studio usually follows the Montgomery County Public School inclement weather closing policy. We do our best to update parents via e-mail, text and on Facebook if we close for any reason.

Are there any other fees I should be aware of?

Yes, we like to be as upfront as possible for your preparation. The fees you should expect for a year of dance are as follows: registration, tuition, performance fees, and any dance-wear the child needs for class. For a more detailed look at fees to expect, please visit our tuition & fees page.

Is there a family discount or multiple class discount?

Yes, we offer both! Each class is discounted per dancer as follows: First class – full price; Second class – 15% off; Third class – 30% off; Fourth class – 45% off; Fifth class – 60% off; Seventh class – 75% off; Eighth class – 90% off. Every class after eight classes is free. We also have an additional 5% off family discount.

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