How much will enrolling your child in a dance class cost? Although costs will vary slightly, we think it’s important to help you consider all costs associated with a year of dance. We hope the below helps you determine what is best for your family. There are four important categories to consider.



The most important cost to consider is tuition. Our academic year is broken up into 10 equal monthly payments.



We’re excited to offer a new and more flexible payment process for annual recital costs! In order to alleviate the stress of paying for all recital fees in one month, you’ll pay a pro-rated portion of the fees monthly over the course of the season.



Each class wears a beautiful costume for our annual spring ballet & recital. Each class costume is $85. If your child participates in an all ballet class for dancers over the age of 7, they will perform in our annual spring ballet. All dancers perform in our annual spring recital.



Dance shoes and the coolest leotard around! There are a few others things to consider when planning for your child's dance classes.


Tuition fees are the main expense to consider for a dance season. Our academic year (mid-August through mid-June) classes are broken into 10 equal monthly payments. Payments are made on the 15th of every month August – May. Tuition varies depending on the length of your child’s class and how many classes your child is registered for. Generally speaking, a 60-minute class or less is


$100 per month. We offer sibling discounts as well as amazing multi-class discounts! Registration fees are included in our all-inclusive pricing.

Tuition is pro-rated automatically based on your registration date. All multi-class and sibling discounts are automatically calculated during the registration process.

Summer class and camp tuition are not included in our school year term classes, and both require separate registrations.


We’re excited to offer a new and more flexible payment process for annual performance costs! In order to alleviate the stress of paying for all performance fees in one month, parents pay a pro-rated portion of the fees monthly over the course of the season. Each month, a $22.50 PREMIUM Performance Fee charge will be added to your account which includes the yearly registration fee, the ballet/recital performance fee, a recital DVD, recital photos, a recital tee-shirt, a premium recital program, a 1/4 page ad and more!

If parents prefer to opt-out of our annual performances or downgrade to our BASIC performance package ($12.50/month), the parent must fill out an Opt-Out Form at the front desk before October 15 or 30 days after registration if registered after October 15.

District Dance produces two performances every year.

Spring Ballet Performance: NEW THIS YEAR! All ballet students (ages 7+) will have the exciting opportunity to perform in our full-length professional ballet. In addition to our ballet students, all DDC dancers, as well as children throughout the MoCo community, are invited to join us onstage for an additional performance opportunity! Our Spring Ballet performance is a unique opportunity to dance alongside professional ballerinas in a classical ballet performance. The Spring Ballet varies annually.Children from the community age 7+ are invited to audition for our ballet in December. All auditioning dancers are cast in a role. Children (ages 7+) who are not enrolled in a ballet class for our school year term will pay an additional fee for this optional performance. 

Annual June Recital: All students participating in our school year term have the amazing opportunity to join us onstage for our annual spring recital. This show features elaborate costumes, make-up, hair design, professional stage lighting, and is a rewarding experience for everyone involved.


Dance Shoes and Apparel: Most students need one pair of shoes per class, a couple pair of tights, and one or two leotards (or similar dance appropriate attire).

Dance Pictures: Buying annual dance class pictures is not required. We do request the students show up on picture day in order to have the entire class pictured for that year. Cost varies greatly depending on picture package – $20 – $60

Performance Tickets: District Dance hosts two shows per year. Each shows requires the purchase of tickets for anyone attending. Tickets vary in price from about $15 – $20.Good news! Our recital DVD and 3 recital photos are included in our PREMIUM Performance Fee. No need to pay separately for life-long memories of your child dancing confidently onstage!



There are no refunds for missed classes. However, if a child is severely injured or the family moves out of the state, please contact the Director, Melissa Curling, to discuss a refund for the classes that will be missed. Timely notice is expected and appreciated.

In the event of a weather cancellation or sudden teacher absence where a substitute cannot be found, the particular class will be rescheduled by the teacher. Low enrollment classes may be canceled and a refund will be issued.

Excessive Absences: Students with excessive class absences may be pulled from the ballet or recital performance with no refund. This is at the teacher’s and director’s discretion.

Make-up Classes: There are no refunds for missed classes. However, missed classes can be made up anytime before May 1st in an age appropriate class – even if it’s a different style than what the student is taking. All makeup classes must be scheduled through the front office. A maximum of 4 makeups is allowed during our school year term. A maximum of 1 make-up class is allowed during our summer term.


A CREDIT CARD IS REQUIRED FOR ALL REGISTRATIONS. If you’d prefer to pay tuition by cash or check, payment must be made before it’s due date. If payment is not received by the payment due date, the credit card on file will be charged for the tuition due. We recommend paying by credit card to simplify your life and avoid late charges.

Tuition Late Fee: Tuition is due on the 15th of each month. A $15 late fee will be charged and enforced on all accounts past due, including accounts that are automatically charged. Late fee notices will be sent via email.

Payment Methods: District Dance accepts VISA, Master Card, cash and check. A credit card is required for all registrations.

Advanced Payment: There is a $50 discount for advance payment of tuition and performance/costume fees.

Return Check Fee: A $50 fee will be charged to your account for returned checks. This fee must be paid within one week of written notice from the Director. All future tuition payments must be made by credit card for the remainder of the year.


2017 – 2018 Tuition Payment Schedule:

Tuition payments are made in 10 equal payments on the 15th of every month during our dance season. Tuition payments are automatically paid via credit card unless you bring cash or check before the date listed below.

    • Payment 1 – due on Registration
    • Payment 2 – auto charged on September 15
    • Payment 3 – auto charged on October 15
    • Payment 4 – auto charged on November 15
    • Payment 5 – auto charged on December 15 + Ballet Costume Fee (additional $85 for students 7+ enrolled in an all ballet class)
    • Payment 6 – auto charged on January 15
    • Payment 7 – auto charged on February 15 + June Recital Costume Fee (additional $85 for each class costume). No additional costume fee for ballet classes performing in the spring ballet performance.
    • Payment 8 – auto charged on March 15
    • Payment 9 – auto charged on April 15
    • Payment 10 – auto charged on May 15

NOTE: Payments made by credit card incur an additional 3% fee.



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