Students are required to wear dance attire for all classes. This is important for teaching purposes in order to see body lines and body placement. Hair should be pulled back, completely out of the students face. No street shoes are allowed in the dance studio. Each class has specific requirements. Please see below for additional information.

For information about the shoes required for each dance style, please view our shoe guide to the right.

Shoe Guide 2

Ballet & Pre-ballet

Ballet Dress Code Worksheet

Ballet / Tap Combination

Ballet Tap Combo Dress Code Worksheet


Tap Dress Code Worksheet

Jazz / Pom / Hip-hop

Jazz, Pom, Hip-hop Dress Code Worksheet

Lyrical / Modern / Contemporary

Modern, Contemporary, Lyrical Dress Code Worksheet

Acrobatic Arts

Acro Dress Code Worksheet


Local Dance Supply Stores

Footlights Silver Spring
938 Wayne Avenue
Silver Spring, MD 20910
Phone: (301) 326-4351

Footlights Frederick
306 East Church Street
Frederick, MD 21701
Phone: (301) 696-1558

Online Dance Supply Stores

Discount Dance
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Online Examples

Adult leotard (our dancers are allowed to wear any color leotard they wish)
Child leotards
Ballet shoes – pink
Tap shoes (ballet / tap combo classes only) – black patent leather
Tap shoes – black
Jazz shoes – black
Foot Undeez – nude

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