An American Is Joining the Bolshoi Ballet?

I just stumbled across an exciting article in the New York Times Arts Section. David Hallberg, a principal dancer with American Ballet Theater, recently announced that he would become the first American to permanently join the Bolshoi Ballet. Mr. Hallberg joins famed dancers, such as Rudolf Nureyev and Mikhail Baryshnikov, in making notable moves to the East/West.

The news of this hire by the Bolshoi is noteworthy for a couple reasons:

  1. Russian ballerinas have often traveled west and been successful in their carrers. However, the Bolshoi has never felt the need to “recruit” from other regions simply because their schools have long since produced some of the world’s best ballet dancers.
  2. In March, Sergei Filin took over direction for the Russian company. Within two weeks of his new direction, he expressed interest in Hallberg and moved on making him an offer he couldn’t refuse. Filin would allow Hallberg the opportunity to dance with the Bolshoi while still maintaining his presence at the American Ballet Theater.
What an exciting step for Mr. Hallberg and his already extremely successful career. How great it is to see one of America’s best ballet dancers bring their talent to an already talent-saturated country. Break a leg, David (but not really)!

The Article: American Is to Join the Bolshoi Ballet

David Hallberg performing in the "Kings of the Dance" program at City Center. via NYT







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